Acupuncture in Alfreton


Are you worried about the amount of painkillers you're needing to take? Looking for a drug free way to reduce pain, increase mobility and help you get back to doing the things you love?

Acupuncture could be the answer in combination with skilled hands on physiotherapy.

We've been using acupuncture in combination with physiotherapy techniques for over 30 years and have had considerable success over the years with many people who thought they would never get relief from their symptoms. Don't give up hope, we know that acupuncture at our clinic helps 60-70% of people that try it.

The Three Main Benefits of Acupuncture

High Success Rate in easing long standing pain.

Our own success statistics prove how helpful it can be for 60 -70% of people that try it. It doesn't work for everyone, but usually within 3 sessions both you and your physio will know for sure whether it is going to be of help to you.

Great for releasing tension in tight muscles

It's common to see acupuncture work wonderfully for this, even when all other treatment techniques have failed. Particularly useful for relaxation around the neck / shoulders  and lower back.

Can reduce stiffness in arthritis / degenerative conditions.

We've seen great success in treating arthritic knees, spines and shoulders in particular. 

Case Studies

Jean came to see us with a back problem that had been stopping her getting into her beloved garden. As spring approached, she became more and more concerned that her gardening work was stacking up and that her plans for the year were going to be ruined.

Her pain had already been present for five months over winter and had not improved with painkillers, four sessions of chiropractic or even the use of a back support. Following assessment at the clinic we started treating her with a course of specific back exercises, used manual therapy to help increase her flexibility and acupuncture for pain relief.

Within 3 sessions she was feeling over 50% improved and after a total of 6 sessions she felt so much better that she was gardening normally and reduced her acupuncture sessions down to once every three months.

Jean's a  perfect example of how our combined approach to self help / skilled hands on physiotherapy and acupuncture can be beneficial.

Jean's Back Pain

Sheila came to the clinic with a diagnosis of osteoporosis that was causing constant upper back pain and for which she could get no relief. Painkillers took the edge off her pain but she didn't want to be taking them for evermore and was worried about the possible side effects. 

Manual therapy was not an option in Sheila's case due to her osteoporosis, so we treated her with gentle exercises and acupuncture. Progress was slow, but after four sessions she could see that her pain levels were decreasing and the exercises were starting to produce more flexibility.

She completed her initial course of treatment after 8 sessions and then attended once every six months for a single "top-up" session of acupuncture.

Sheila & OsteoPorosis