Clinic Open for Face to Face Appointments

May 29, 2020

Well it's been a very challenging time for our patients and ourselves but we are finally ready to make tentative steps to returning to face to face appointments. We appreciate that for many of of you, you've been desperate to get the help you need  and although our online service has proven very popular and has helped a large number of patients, many patients will always need face to face care.

Over the last few months, the safety and well-being of all our patients, staff and colleagues has been the top priority and this will continue to be at  the core of all our decision making.

I am delighted to therefore announce that from 1st June, we will be available for a limited number of face to face appointments for priority cases.

Face to Face Physiotherapy, inevitably involves close contact and is not possible to provide, whilst maintaining a 2 metre "safety bubble" and therefore a number of new policies and procedures have been introduced and must be followed to reduce risk to its smallest level.

Following the latest guidance from our professional body, we will continue to offer video  /phone consultations as the preferred method of providing physiotherapy and only urgent / essential cases will be offered a face to face appointment. Any patient wishing to attend for a face to face appointment must be triaged by a physiotherapist to establish whether a face to face appointment is absolutely necessary. 

For this reason Online Booking remains suspended for face to face appointments. Please phone to discuss your problem and options and to allow the physiotherapist to establish the best care option in your particular case.

New Procedures

Our priority is to keep you and ourselves as safe as possible, and therefore if you are offered a face to face appointment you will need to follow the procedures below.

Online /  Phone Assessment

  • As mentioned previously you cannot attend for a face to face appointment unless your physiotherapist has assessed remotely that you have significant pain or an urgent clinical need. The physiotherapist will need to assess the risk versus the benefit of you attending the clinic.  
  • If the physiotherapist feels it is necessary for you to attend the clinic they will outline the pros and cons of a face to face appointment
  • You will need to understand:
    • The possibility of close  personal contact during your appointment
    • The level of PPE that a clinician will be required to wear
    • The infection prevention and control measures that must be taken
  • You will need to verbally confirm that you understand the risks involved , the procedures to be followed and that you wish to go ahead with the appointment.


  • 24 Hours before your appointment you will be asked a series of questions regarding your current health to ensure that you are not showing any signs of Covid -19. This can be completed online or verbally over the phone.
  • You must not attend the clinic if you develop any symptoms prior to the appointment.

On arrival

  • Please arrange to arrive promptly and wait outside the building. Call the physiotherapists mobile phone ( as provided) to let them know you have arrived. 
  • You will then be asked to enter the building
  • Use the hand sanitiser in reception, but do not sit down. The physiotherapist will be waiting and will guide you directly to the treatment room.


  • Appointments will be staggered to facilitate social distancing. 
  • Please wear a face covering
  • If  possible, do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. If it is essential, they will need  to come with you into the treatment room
  • Children under 16 will still need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian , who will also need to answer COVID-19 screening questions. 
  • Whilst in the clinic, please observe social distancing, by keeping at least 2m from anyone (except the physiotherapist when  receiving treatment). 

Enhanced Cleaning 

  • The physio room will be cleaned thoroughly in between every patient, and additional time has been scheduled to allow for this. 


  • Your Physio will be wearing appropriate PPE in line with the latest guidance. 

Hand Hygiene 

  • Please do not wear your own gloves into the clinic.
  • Please use the  hand sanitiser when you enter the reception area 
  • Please refrain from touching anything whilst you are in the treatment room 
  • Your physio fully understands the importance of hand hygiene and will ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly before, during and after the consultation

We've done our best to make face to face appointments as safe as possible,  but it is impossible to reduce the risk to absolute zero. Please make sure you feel fully informed  and  are  happy to attend if offered a face to face appointment 

If you have any questions  about the procedures and policies that we have put in place, please contact us in advance of your appointment.