Get Help Now For Foot & Ankle Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain

If you're suffering from foot or ankle pain, it can be very tempting to hope that it will go away on its own and that time will heal. In many cases, minor  problems will heal with a little bit of time, and rest, but a problem at the foot can quickly start to effect the rest of the leg and body, causing a chain reaction of pain.

Maybe you started off with a slight limp, but then your knee started to hurt and now you're back feels twisted and sore. It's a common story and one easy to remedy, if you get the original foot pain properly diagnosed, treated and sorted before other joints start to complain.

Whether your pain is due to achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, a sprained ankle  or post surgery / fracture we can help 

What Should You Do If Your Foot & Ankle Pain is Not Improving?

So you've tried rest, painkillers, and some exercises you found on You-Tube. Unfortunately your symptoms are still not improving and maybe they're even worsening. Here's our best advice on what to do next.... 

The most important thing is to make a Decision about getting expert help. So many people put off the decision for far too long hoping that it "will just go away".

Book an Appointment for a Full Assessment of your Problem with an experienced Expert Physiotherapist 

Work Together with your Physio to start easing your pain, strengthen your muscles and get back to doing what you love. 

What Can You Expect When You Book a Back Pain appointment

  • We'll take time to listen, hear Your story and make sure we fully understand the problems you've been having
  • We'll do a thorough Physical Examinationand afterwards explain in plain English what the problem is
  • We'll develop an Action Plan of what needs doing, and tell you how many sessions you will need
  • We'll start your treatment, there and then, Getting You Better Faster
  • We'll continue Working Together until we've achieved the best possible result, and you've achieved your goals. 

Get the help you need now!

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